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Server Model: ASP/ASP.NET

DataSite Services Edition v6.1.0

DataSite Services Edition WCMS is a rich featured yet simple to use Web Content Management System (WCMS) for small and mid-sized service oriented businesses. It includes a tertiary level FAQ and Services catalog. Other features include a company profile with social media links, appointment scheduling, calendar, and management The rich featured blog and blog posts included printer friendly pages visitors can print and share. A powerful search engine for the Services catalog, Blogm and FAQ system puts your content a click away from visitors. DataSiteTM is one of the most advanced out of the box solutions of its kind. Yet unlike the competition's products, you won't have to hire an expert to operate it.

DataSite includes both a full featured desktop version and a responsive version template for mobile phones, tablets, and other hand held devices. Yes, you hear right: You get the best of both worlds and make no sacrifices to a one size fits all approach like other web developers. And due to DataSite's exclusive HTML template technology, there's only one site to maintain. The application automatically detects mobile devices and serves the same pages in the responsive template with seamless integration. This means no Google penalties for duplicate content and no aggravating redirects for your visitor

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Ameritek Enviromental
Ameritek Enviromental
Ameritek Enviromental
Ameritek Enviromental
Company Profile
Tertiary Level FAQ System
Tertiary Level Services Ctalog
Staff Profiles
Powerful Blog
Advanced CSS Layout
Responsive Mobile Template Included
Social Media Integration
Easy to Use Pre-Built Pages
Advanced HTML Editor
Unlimited Administrators/Content Creators
Home Page Video
Home Page HTML Editor
Video Vault
Appointment Scheduler
Printer Friendly Blog Post Version
Appointment Calendar
Appointment Management Console
Company Profile
Social Media Integration
Powerful Search Engine
News Feature
Resource Links
Comprehensive Online Help System
Search Text Highlighting
Advanced Style Sheet Structure
W3C Validated XHTML 1.0
Server Side HTML Content Encoding
Maintenance Mode
DS-Live Online Configuration
Downloads: 5088
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