ASP.NET Developer's Suite
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Server Model: C#.NET + VB.NET

ASP.NET Developer's Suite v3.0.1

Dreamweaver MX CS6. The ASP.NET Developer Suite Extension consists of single *.mxp that contains eleven ASP.NET extensions. Unlike the free versions of the WWWeb Concepts ASP.NET extensions, the ASP.NET Developer Suite extension contains complete online help documentation. The ASP.NET Developer Suite extension comes as part of the Dot Net News Developer's Version ASP.NET software.

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ASP.NET Developer's Suite  v3.0.1
1. Complete source code for the Dot net News lite version you can distribute from your website.
2. Complete source code for the Access and SQL server full versions you can use in your web projects over and over.
3. Tutorial in html and pdf formats describing the construction of the Dot Net News application.
4. Detailed information on implementing the WWWeb Concepts extensions in a real world web application.
5. The most recent versions of the WWWeb Concepts ASP.NET extensions in one easy to install MXP.
6. Expanded extensions features.
7. Complete Online HTML Help System.
8. 24 Online Account Center.
9. Automatic Update Notifications.
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