ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad
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Server Model: ASP VB Script

ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad v1.2.2

Dreamweaver MX CS6. Macromedia Approved! ASP.NET Advanced Upload adds in the page image uploads with image resize and create thumb options. This Server Behavior works with ASP.NET VB Insert and Update forms. Using the behaviors in this extension you can build upload applications with all the feaures you are accustomed too--including multiple file fields, skipping empty fields, unique image naming, and saving name to database. ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad also works with non image files. Demo.

Price: $89.00
ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad v1.2.2
Screen Shots
ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad
Integration w/MX Insert SB
Skip Empty fields on Update
Add Dynamic Hidden Fields Fast
Dynamic Hidden Form Fields
Upload multiple files
Create thumbnails
Optional naming conventions
Complete MX SB Integration
Insert and Update Record
All Image Formats

Three tools included:
ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad
ASP.NET Set Upload Params
ASP.NET Dynamic Hidden Fields
Downloads: 6737
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