ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad Addon Pack
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Server Model: ASP VB Script

ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad Addon Pack v1.0.8

Dreamweaver MX CS6. The ASP.NET Advanced Upload Addon Pack adds a series of new Server Behaviors to automate the display and deletion of files and images upload with the ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad extensions. The Addon pack has four file delete behaviors. Although the behavior names all reference the ability to delete thumb images, the Addon Pack delete behaviors work with all types of files with and without corresponding thumb images. Demo.

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ASP.NET Advanced UpLoad Addon Pack v1.0.8
Screen Shots
Delete Thumb w/Record
FSO Thumbs
Multidelete Thumbs w/Record
Multi Delete Thumb opn Update
Delete Thumb On Update
ASP.NET Delete Thumb On Upate
ASP.NET Delete Thumb w/Record
ASP.NET MultiDelete Thumbs On Update
ASP.NET MultiDelete Thumbs w/Record
Online Account Center
Automatic Update Notifications
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