ASP.NET Form Validation Tool Kit
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Server Model: C#.NET + VB.NET

ASP.NET Form Validation Tool Kit v1.1.6

Dreamweaver MX, CS6. A complete tool kit for validating webforms --includes: Server Side VB Validation Sub, Client Site JS Validation, ASP:Label to Display Form Status, Regular Expression Email Address Validation Control, Confirm Matching Fields Compare Control, Drop Down Menu Validation Compare Control. Now supports C#!

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ASP.NET Form Validation Tool Kit v1.1.6
1. VB.NET & C# .NET Support
2. .NET Validation Subs
3. DHTML Validation Function
4. Built In Validation Behaviors
5. Confirm Field Validation.
6. Required Field Validation.
7. Drop Down Menu Validation.
8. Regular Expression Email Validation.
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