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Terms of Service

1. Content Creation: The client shall be responsible for content creation. This includes text, images, and other files (e.g. Adobe *.pdf) necessary for the development of the website.

a. Client shall provide content materials in a timely fashion in order to complete the project.
b. Content materials—with the exception of photographs—shall be provided to WWWeb concepts in a digital format.
c. Images may be supplied in in hard copy (prints) or digital format provided the digital format is compatible with typical image editing software such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks. *.jpg, *.bmp, *.psd, *.png, *.eps, and *.gif are acceptable formats. Final image quality is contingent on the quality and format of the images supplied to WWWeb concepts. Conversion of images from non-standard formats to acceptable formats may result in additional charges.
d. Text shall be supplied in digital form and should be *.txt files. Conversion of text from any other format may result in additional charges. HTML is not an accepted format.
e. Client shall provide WWWeb concepts with technical details about client’s products/services as need arises.
f. Client shall provide WWWeb concepts with timely feedback on development drafts in order to complete the project.
g. Client shall be responsible for adding content to and for maintaining dynamic sites using updateable databases. Product Catalog Sites, Cactushop E-Commerce Sites, and WWWeb concepts Datasites are all such sites. WWWeb concepts will provide client with a predetermined number of images prepared for their online catalogs, examples of their products set up on the site, and training in the operation of the site management software.

2. Content Repurposing: Content cannot be copied from other websites or other print sources without the express approval of the copyright holder.

a. Content submitted for repurposing is subject to WWWeb concepts determination of suitability. WWWeb concepts shall remain the sole arbiter of content’s suitability for repurposing.
b. Copying content from sources such as other websites shall include extra charges for the time required to convert that content to an acceptable format.

3. Copyright Violations: In the event the client provides WWWeb concepts with repurposed content that infringes upon a legal copyright without the copyright holder’s express permission, WWWeb concepts reserves the right to discontinue work on the project, remove any portions of the project posted to web and withhold all funds paid. Further, any sum pending shall be due and payable to WWWeb concepts immediately.

4. Standards: WWWeb concepts reserves the right to refuse to perform work that is below standards or that WWWeb concepts deems would harm its reputation for producing quality web sites.

5. Server Access: WWWeb concepts provides full service hosting services only. We do not offer bulk hosting services. We do not allow unqualified third parties direct access to the web server and server file system. Directly accessing the server and modifying server files via FTP, Front Page, or any other such tool is prohibited without prior consent and determination of qualifications. We feel this allows us to best insure the security and proper operation of our client’s web sites.

6. WWWeb concepts Quality Guarantee: WWWeb concepts promises to make every effort to provide the client with a web site that suits the client’s taste and fulfills the client’s goal of creating an effective online presence.

a. WWWeb concepts shall consult with client in order to create an original graphic design.
b. WWWeb concepts shall offer the client a draft of the graphic design for approval and will make up to three major revisions and up to five minor alterations of said design. (After client has signed off on the site design, any further modifications of the design may result in additional fees.)
c. WWWeb concepts agrees to perform services reasonably requested by client in order to create an effective online presence according to the scope of services included in Section I of this agreement.
d. Text changes will be performed for client for thirty days after project completion at no additional cost.

7. Uptime Guarantee: WWWeb concepts warrants 99% uptime for sites hosted on its servers. Downtime required for regular server maintenance such as software and operating system updates is not included in the uptime calculation; however, WWWeb concepts shall make every effort to conduct regular server maintenance during off peak usage times.

8. Payment Terms: WWWeb concepts standard terms are 1/3 down, 1/3 on fifty percent completion and 1/3 final payment.